Thrivent Do you have a project or idea in mind for camp? Perhaps you’re already looking ahead to Work Day? Are you a member of Thrivent? Did you know Thrivent has “Seed Money” available to help get your project off the ground?!

Through Thrivent Action Teams you can apply for funding and resources to launch your idea and kick-start your team. Thrivent Action Teams are all about activating you, Thrivent members, to live out the Thrivent mission on the ground in your own way – around the needs in your local community and passion: CAMP! Here are some simple guidelines from Thrivent to consider when planning your projects:

  • Involve others. It’s about your friends, family and your community coming together to serve to have a greater impact.
  • Not a gift or grant. Use the seed money to purchase project supplies and promotional materials to make your project a success!
  • One Action Team, one project. Multiple Thrivent Action Teams cannot be used for the same project – you can support the same cause, but use your creativity to generate new project ideas to attract more volunteers and have an even greater impact!
  • Report. Share your stories, photos and participant info with us after your event – this must be completed before applying to lead your next Thrivent Action Team!

Visit the Thrivent Action Team page online for more information. Contact the Camping Office to see how we can best support your project plans!