Charitable Remainder Trusts

Allow me to introduce you to a CRUT and a CRAT. They are both worth getting to know. Both are marvelous, interesting donation vehicles which can be used to make a gift to help LCC and at the same time give you an income for life from that gift.

CRUT stands for “Charitable Remainder Unitrust,” while CRAT stands for “Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust.”

You can use either in your estate planning to save on capital gains, gift, inheritance, and estate taxes and, at the same time, receive a needed life income which may be larger than what you are earning now on invested funds. Also, both are wonderful estate planning tools if you are holding appreciated property or securities.

Additionally, LCC will eventually benefit, as it will receive the remainder of the Trust (hence the name “Remainder Trust”) at your death or the death of your beneficiary.

So you can learn more about these great gift methods, we are making available, free of charge, an interesting folder which describes the many advantages of Charitable Remainder Trusts.

You can receive your copy, without cost or obligation, by filling out the form. Submit it today and learn more about these two great estate planning tools. You will be glad you did.

CRT Mailing

Please send me, without cost or obligation, a copy of your helpful pamphlet on Charitable Remainder Trusts.