Reconciling In Christ

Reconciling In ChristThe Lutheran Camping Corporation is a Reconciling In Christ Organization

The Lutheran Camping Corporation of Central Pennsylvania holds to the belief that God is the maker of all good things. We acknowledge that we, God’s people, are made in many different ways, but all are beautifully made and loved by God. This ministry extends its hands to invite, love, and affirm those of all different identities and backgrounds including: race, ethnicity, origin, religion, creed, ability, economic status, orientation, and gender identity and expression.

We are called to minister to one another and love another as Christ loves us. Where human society might fail to recognize or protect different identities we commit to providing accommodation for all people’s needs as we are able. We strive for inclusivity so that all might know God’s wondrous love.

Policy for Inclusivity Adopted by the Board of Directors 2/25/2017