Family Camp at NawakwaFamilies of all sorts of shapes and sizes have been coming to Nawakwa for over forty years! For two weeks each summer, family units move into Nawakwa’s cabins and lodges and create a unique community indeed!

Many adults spend the morning hours in Bible study with a pastor-in-residence while the kid-size campers are divided by age group to attend to all sorts of campy activities with the Nawakwa counseling staff.

Afternoons feature a full schedule of swimming, crafts, hikes, bike rides, tournament games, book discussions, playground time, and championship napping. (You are free to participate in any or none of these choices.)

Evenings always feature worship for the community and some sort of festivity.

And, of course, mealtimes are always a big attraction. With plenty of lodging available at both sessions, this is just the year to give Family Camp a try.

Food Allergy / Special Diet / Special Needs Form:

Downloadable Forms:

Family Camp I

July 14-20, 2024
Bible Study Leader & Chaplain: TBD

Family Camp II

August 4-10, 2024
Bible Study Leader & Chaplain: TBD

What to bring?

Items suggested by veteran Family Campers:

extension cords alarm clock bedding card table or TV trays
small rug or doormat travel mugs water bottles Bible, paper and pens
sunscreen softball equipment tissues clothespins
raingear flashlights bucket for toiletries insect repellant
several pairs of shoes clothing for hot afternoons and cool mornings