Contact by Email

Campers love to get mail. Please send emails to the camp that your child is attending:


with your camper’s full name and the counselor’s name in the subject line. Campers do not have access to a computer to reply to emails.


Contact by Postal Mail

Send postal mail to the camp your child is attending.

Kirchenwald: 1 Cut Off Road, Lebanon, PA 17042
Nawakwa: PO Box 459, Arendtsville, PA 17303.

Please include camper’s full name and counselor’s name in address.
PLEASE DO NOT send care packages containing food or candy…the Camp Director will eat it! (It may also attract other pests.)

You can also leave a letter for your camper with the office on check-in day and specify which day you would like us to deliver it to your camper.


Calls home can be very disruptive for a cabin group and take away from the true camp experience for all campers. Cell phones are NOT allowed. The single biggest reason that the camp experience is so intense and transformational is that campers “unplug” and focus on the people and natural world around them. For this reason, campers do not call home during the camp week. If it is important to talk to your child during the camp week, or you have questions/concerns about this policy, please contact the Camp Director to discuss this and make a plan for your child.

Kirchenwald: Zach Weiss: 717-964-3121
Nawakwa: Pastor Cliff Eshbach 717-677-8211