The Concept

When you think of the number 12, your thoughts may go right to the bible and to the 12 followers of Jesus, known as the disciples. Maybe you think about the number of months in a year. Now when you think of 12, maybe it will be because that is the number of times you’ve decided to support the camps in a year. The theme of discipleship is extremely important to the ministry of the camps. To emphasize this point, Project Discipleship offers people the ability to make 12 gifts over the course the year, one each month. The goal of the program is to encourage friends of the camp to be thinking about their support of the camps on a more regular basis.

The Challenge

Look at your current annual support to Kirchenwald, Nawakwa, and the The Wittel Farm. Try dividing that number by 12 and see what happens. Not only will it help you and your cash flow but if enough people decide to give this way, it will also help the annual operating expenses of the camps by spreading out the income.

Electronic Funds Transfer: Simply Giving

Simply Giving is an automated giving program from Thrivent Financial designed to help you conveniently, consistently and joyfully give your financial gifts to help a ministry that you care deeply about. Simply Giving is a straightforward stewardship tool offered as a relevant modern-times option in response to the timeless gift of grace. To enroll in Simply Giving, click the link below and fill out the institution portion of the application.

Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Form (PDF format)

Mail the completed form to:
The Lutheran Camping Corporation of Central PA
PO Box 459
Arendtsville, PA 17303-0459