What is a CampPerson?

  • A CampPerson is liaison between the Lutheran Camping Corporation and one’s own congregation.
  • A CampPerson is anyone interested in Kirchenwald, Nawakwa, and The Wittel Farm who wants to share our news with others.
  • The CampPerson will receive and distribute information about Summer Camp and other year-round events at the camps.
  • The CampPerson will attend one informational meeting per year.
  • The Lutheran Camping Corporation is an extension of your ministry in the local congregation. With a CampPerson, your congregation will be informed and the Camp Corporation will be reaching more people. Plus, every summer camper from a congregation with a CampPerson receives a $20 discount on their week long registration.

For more information, check out the CampPerson Job Description Sheet or contact the Camping Office at 717-677-8211.