The Wittel Farm

As an aspect of the ministry of The Lutheran Camping Corporation, The Wittel Farm is a place for persons and groups seeking to deepen, enrich, and renew their relationship with God. The rural, humble setting of this working farm provides for those who retreat here to experience solitude, prayer, spiritual formation, community, and the study of scripture. The surrounding fields, forests, gardens, and trails create an environment that inspires all who visit... a truly peaceful and quiet place of spiritual formation and renewing retreat. We invite you to take part in the programs and facilities available throughout the year, so as to be enriched spiritually for the service and proclamation of the Gospel!

The Wittel Farm realizes the dreams of Chuck and Katie Wittel, who established the “Wittel Charitable Trust” on August 26, 1983.

“The purpose of this trust is to provide a place of retreat for people of all ages... a quiet and spiritual place and to the extent possible, farming activities to be maintained on the premises.”

The beautifully restored farmhouse, known as the House of Prayer, is a place removed from the distractions and noise of every day life where individuals and small groups can engage in prayer, meditation, and worship.

As a part of the ministry of The Lutheran Camping Corporation, The Wittel Farm continues as a gracious expression of God’s love due to the generosity of many.


The Growing Project - HarvestThe Growing Project at The Wittel Farm

LCC, in partnership with Hunger-Free Lancaster County (, is dedicated to growing fresh vegetables to help feed hungry people in Lancaster County. Read more »


The Summer at the Wittel Farm...

Programs are available from 9:30-1:30pm Tuesday-Thursday, mid-June to mid-August. Sunday school classes, VBS, youth and other service groups are welcome for an experiential learning program. Read more »