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Kirchenwald Pool Renewal Appeal

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In 1979, hundreds of staff and campers jumped into the new Kirchenwald pool for the first time. Since that summer, our pool has always been a great gift and source of joy and resfreshment during the hot, humid days of summer camp at Kirchenwald.

The years have taken their toll. Our pool is in need of repair and renewal, and we need your help.

The Problems

Steel Drains and Plumbing
The steel drains and plumbing in the pool floor have corroded - we lost 30 inches of water one night last summer before making a temporary repair!
Plastic Skimmers
The plastic skimmers that circulate water to the filters are deteriorating.
Coping Stones
The coping stones between the deck and the water are cracked and loose.
The tiles at water level are breaking and falling off.
Walls and Floor
The pool walls and floor have many layers of paint that need to be removed and a new finish applied.
No Pool Cover
We have no pool cover to protect the pool during the non-use months.

The Solutions

New drains, skimmers, and plumbing.
Removal and replacement of the tiles and coping stones.
Removal of old paint from walls and floor, and application of a plaster surface that will not require painting.
Purchase of a pool cover, enabling retention of water from summer to summer and protection from further deterioration.

How You Can Help

We will make it through the 2016 summer, but the time has come to raise the funds for pool repairs before the first campers arrive in 2017. The projected total cost of completion is $125,000.

So...come on in! The water’s fine, and we’re planning to keep it that way for a long time. The needed gifts to fund this project are listed below. We would be grateful to receive your gift in one payment in 2016; if you are able to make a larger gift over two years, we’d be happy for that, too.

“Everyone in the pool – including staff, alumni and friends!”

Gifts Amount Cumulative Total
1 gift $10,000 or more $10,000 or more
7 gifts $5,000 $45,000
10 gifts $3,000 $75,000
20 gifts $1,000 $95,000
30 gifts $500 $110,000
40 gifts $250 $120,000
Plus many more gifts of lesser amounts $125,000
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