Camping Sunday Resources

Gopher Campfire

Please encourage your pastor or worship planners to make use of these resources. (This is a perfect time to remind folks that participation in church camp is one of the most influential experiences in building congregational leadership!)


PRAYER OF THE DAY (may be spoken by worship leader or by the whole congregation)
God of the wilderness, you have created this world and allowed us to borrow it for a time. Let us use your creation respectfully. Bless our Camping Corporation. Bless our camps. Let all that happens at these camps glorify you. There are youth here today eager to go to camp. They can hardly wait, God. They can’t wait for the laughter. They can’t wait for the fun. They can’t wait to make new friends. Help us take this moment and remember that the laughter and the fun and the friendships are gifts from you. Thank you God for camp!



  • Temple Talks “Why I love Camp” or “What Camp means to me”
  • Separate Offering (“noisy offering”) for Camp for the camping corporation or campership fund or congregational campership fund, etc
  • Blessing of campers (both kids going to camp and kids who have been to camp)
  • Public acknowledgement of who has been to camp campers, volunteers, staff please stand up this could also include number of years attending camp
  • Use Camp songs as a part of the service (have former campers/staff/volunteers lead motions)